• Image of CORE STM32F4 Kit + Board

Includes PCB and all parts listed below - Does not include STM32F4discovery module.

Board and all parts are RoHS compliant.

PCB - Double Sided, Plated through holes, ENIG Plating, Soldermask, Silkscreen legend.

1-BC337 Transistor
1-16p DIP sockets
1-20p DIP sockets
2-ceramic capacitors
1-10 kΩ resistors
2-1 kΩ resistors
4-2.2 kΩ resistors
1-4*1 kΩ resistor network
2-10 kΩ trim potentiometers
10-2x5 DIL box header
2-2x8 DIL box header
1-1 row SIL header (9 pins)
2-2 row DIL female headers (2 2x25 pins)
2-Shorting jumpers
2-panel screw lugs w/screws
1-SD card socket

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